Agreement and terms of use Marriage Agency

"Marriage Agency" is a social platform for social communication and building relationships based on respect, aimed at establishing productive relationships that end up in the marriage nest.

Application is a social service for adults only and may not be used by minors.

Privacy policy:

We do not share any personal information with any business.
The application is a completely secure platform.

By using our services you agree to all of the items listed below and acknowledge that:

• Has completed 18 years
• You are committed to respecting all members registered with the "marriage agency" community.
• You are committed not to publish a speech of violence or hatred on the application platform or on any relevant platform.
• Be committed not to include messages contain any words or expressions offensive or hateful or insulting to any of the users.
• Be committed not to publish any pornographic images or violating public morality.

• The "Marriage Agency" has the right to publish all kinds of commercial advertisements on the application platform in accordance with the service policy and the purpose for which the application was created.

• The "Marriage Agency" has the right to refuse or restrict your access to any of our social services, social platform or application, or even access to your personal account for any reason that the Administration deems appropriate. You have no right to object or even to ask for reasons.

• The "Marriage Agency" has the right to update the terms, policies and conditions as and when required.

• You are not entitled to request any financial compensation in the event of interruption of service or application for work due to compelling reasons or for technical reasons or for reasons related to changing the work plan or moving to another social platform.

• If you believe that you are unable to comply with the terms of the "marriage agency", we ask you not to agree to these terms and not to use any platform or application.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best wishes for all.